The establishment of quality control system ensures that the key quality indicators of raw materials acceptance, semi-finished products, finished products and other links can meet the requirements of quality standards; ensures that the auxiliary materials, solvents, packaging materials used in the production process meet the requirements of relevant countries and regions; ensures that the product quality meets the high standard requirements of China, the United States, Europe and other markets; at the same time, we also establish the quality control system Through strict rules, regulations, methods, procedures and institutions, the quality assurance activities are systematized, standardized and institutionalized to ensure that the whole production process meets the requirements of cGMP and other relevant standards.

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Internal quality control

Product quality control depends on advanced testing instruments and high-level technical experts, the effective combination of the two can form a rapid and rigorous product quality control ability.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced and efficient detection equipment, which can detect conventional physical and chemical indexes, active ingredients (UPLC, HPLC, UV), solvent residues (GC), pesticide residues (GC-MS), melamine (HPLC), plasticizer (HPLC-MS), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (GC-MS), unknown  (LC-MS-MS), harmful substances (ICP-MS), antioxidant value (enzyme reader), raw materials and products Identification (HPTLC, IR), irradiation residue (ppsl), enzyme activity, protein and microorganism were detected.

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The third party quality control

We have long cooperated with Eurofins in the detection of contaminants such as ethylene oxide, heavy metals, dioxins, microorganisms, PHAs and pesticide residues.

We believe that good raw materials need to be controlled from the beginning and high-quality raw materials require scientific formulation and sophisticated processing techniques to reflect their true value.

Full Traceability

In order to ensure the safety of the whole process from raw materials to finished products, we have not only done a lot of work on documents, but also made provisions on traceability, We have a special sample room to store the samples of each batch of orders. Our products need a 6-digit code, which is automatically generated by our ERP system and will not be repeated. Each sales contract number is unique. There is clear information on the package of sample products to ensure that problems can be found quickly. The information includes sales contract number, product name, batch number and product name Production date, validity and supplier, sample retention time will not be less than 3 years.

As far as products are concerned, traceability system includes the following aspects:

1. The source of raw materials, accessories and packaging materials can be traced;
2. The production process of products can be traced;
3. Traceability of relevant testing of products;
4. The sales place of products can be traced;

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The traceability of products is based on the establishment of good production system and quality management system. Our company has established the product traceability system to ensure that each product has detailed transportation, testing, production and sales reports from the source to the terminal, so as to ensure that every link in the production process can be controlled and checked.

Document Management

We will establish independent file information for each product, including production process, quality standard, test method, specification, quality inspection report, transportation condition appraisal report, stability test report and third-party test reportIn addition to the paperversion of the data, there are also stored in the cloud storage to ensure security and easy to query.


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