High-quality ingredients are the foundation of health products. Sourcing ingredients can be complicated by seasonality, minimum order requirements, market trends, and budgetary concerns.

We have strategic partnerships with ingredients suppliers allowing us to purchase ingredients at the best cost. All our suppliers are carefully chosen for their proven  rackrecord of on-time deliveries and product quality standards.

To ensure that an ingredient shortage doesn’t affect your product’s manufacturing lead time.

If your product requires a new ingredient, we’ll search globally for a reputable supplier and obtain samples that our Quality Control department inspects and tests before approval is given to purchase. New and existing suppliers provide us with a COA for every ingredient, and we also send all raw materials for third-party testing to verify their potency and purity.

We can assist with border documents to ensure the shortest lead time until delivery. We have preferred freight partners that also work with us to move materials to our facility in the most efficient way possible. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to reduce your lead time so your product can get to market as quickly as possible.

  All in all, we help you to avoid the trouble of dealing with multiple suppliers, accelerate product time-to-market, and mostly importantly, ensure outstanding quality control to consolidate your dominant position in the market.


Demand for new ingredients in the market has been uninterrupted. We are committed to discovering new ingredients and developing process lines through our technical team to eventually form products to meet market demand, such as magnesium taurine. Alpha- ketoglutarate calcium and other products.

  In addition to new ingredients research and development, traditional product technology optimization is also an innovation, which can not only reduce costs but also reduce environmental pollution.

The new function development of traditional products is also the direction of our R & D work.


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