We have a variety of blenders for different batch sizes and blending needs. Our powder blending facility has the capacity to produce batches as small as 10kg and up to 3000kg batches.

The first step in the manufacturing process of supplements is combining multiple ingredients into a consistent blend. The dry or wet ingredients can then be packaged as powder or liquid supplements or further processed into capsules or tablets.

The various ingredients for supplements are carefully blended in a temperature and humidity-monitored area. We ensure your blend is uniform in color and nutrient distribution to end up with a consistent taste and mouth-feel.

The mixing process is recorded on a detailed Production Order based on a Master Formula so the results can be replicated every time. Our GMP-trained production staff carefully follow the Production Order when determining how long to mix the ingredients and in what order to add them to produce consistent products.


Powder Types Available:
Amino acids
Functional foods
Herbal blends
Vitamin and Minerals
Whey and plant proteins


If you do not have a graphic designer, we can refer you to freelance designers and design firms who have experience in packaging and label design. Once your label is ready for print, we can refer you to our preferred label and film printing companies. These companies have capabilities that can provide impact and unique identity. We provide you with detailed specifications to send to your printer regarding art layout, packaging roll size and packaging slips for a seamless production packaging experience. 

We provide our clients with nearly any packaging option desired. Our packaging capabilities include

● Bottles/drum/can/tube
● Blister packs
● Double-soft aluminum
● Sachets


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